woman holding infant needing new mom massage

New Mom Massage Therapy

Why Do New Moms Need Massage Therapy?

New mom massage therapy can help you physically recover after pregnancy and maintain a healthy mood.  Pregnancy can stress joints and muscles because of bearing the extra weight of a child. Delivery can be both traumatic and stressful. Carrying young children can also cause muscle strain and fatigue. Massage therapy can help new moms take care of themselves while caring for their newborn. It can help with recovery from vaginal or c-section delivery and help to reduce the stress of caring for a newborn.  After pregnancy, massage can help to stimulate muscles (like the abdominals) that have been stretched out, and to relax muscles that have become very tight (like the low-back muscles).

Many new Moms also find that massage is a wonderful way to relax and have a little time to themselves.

One study found that hand and foot massage can be helpful in the management of post-operative pain and stress in women who had to undergo c-section.  Another found that back massage is a simple, inexpensive, noninvasive, and effective method to reduce the anxiety levels of new moms during the first day after delivery.

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