Even The Young Love Massage!!!

June 21st, 2013

It is the first day of summer, the sun is shining and school is wrapping up. Kids of all ages have a little more time on their hands, whether it is between play dates or  relaxing a little before pounding the pavement trying to find  job.

It is no secret that the youth coming out of high school, college or university have a challenge on their hands with the youth unemployment rate at 14%.  They have been under a huge amount of stress writing exams, submitting their last papers and now job hunting.  Chances are your kids are still living with you as they try to find work and they might still be on your health benefits package too.  If they are, send them in for a massage treatment!!!  It will help to normalize their posture from spending hours at the library and manage the stress of trying to find their dream position.  It could be a wonderful reward for the hard work your son or daughter put into their education.

Even the young kids enjoy massage and can gain positive benefit from one.  They are so busy with activities, playing and helping around the house, why not book a massage for them too!  I also see many small people carrying backpacks that are way to heavy for them, with the ridiculous amounts of homework these days.  Having a massage can be a great way to check in with your child and assess posture and possible muscle imbalances.

We love kids at Forces of Nature and would love to see more of them at our clinic for massage!!!

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