Massage: Does It Really Work???

June 19th, 2012

Yes it does!  This doesn’t seem of to be enough of an answer to get some folks to give it try though.

You know, I hear the above and many other questions and comments about massage therapy on a daily basis from friends or family who have never received a massage therapy treatment.  Even many of my clients share with me some interesting comments they hear from people in their lives about massage.  What is it that prevents people from trying such a wonderful thing with endless health benefits??  Here are a few of my favourite comments or objections:

“I don’t like people touching me” – Really? Is that really the issue?  I find the individuals that say this are the ones asking their wives, husbands or kids to rub their aching bodies!  The kind of touch that massage entails is very comfortable if you find a therapist that works for you.  Don’t be afraid to try a few out until you find someone you can trust and build a healthy client – therapist relationship with.

“It’s girly” –  The most common comment from men, hands down.  A woman might perform your massage, but that’s about as girly as it gets, especially if you choose a clinic environment.  Massage can help you recover from your workouts, improve your range of motion, improve circulation, muscle firing and body awareness.  All of these fabulous things can therefore improve your golf swing, your skating stride, speed on the  soccer field or race day, and your reaction time on the tennis court.  The list goes on and on!  More goals, more speed, more glory, and improved performance overall.  There is nothing girly about that.  It might even make you feel like a man.

“The therapist will judge my body” – The most common comment from women unfortunately.  The therapist will make you feel comfortable, answer any questions and make sure you get what you need.  We are looking at your body in a whole different way to be honest.  We assess which muscles are short, long, weak or strong, and holding tension.  We are focused on anatomy, your response to the body work and the result of our efforts.  It also gives women the opportunity to forget about their body image issues for awhile and feel good in their own skin.

“It will hurt” – I am not going to lie about this one!  Yes, it could hurt, however, it is a good hurt and any discomfort felt during a massage is most likely helping to eliminate the pain you come in with!!!  The therapist should coach you through any uncomfortable treatment and not take things further than you, the client, is willing to go.  The therapist should also give you the appropriate self care to do at home which will help to minimize pain the next day.

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