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Massage Therapy & TMJ, Whiplash & Low Back Pain

Massage Therapy and TMJ Dysfunction

Massage can do a lot to help reduce the pain and tightness in the jaw muscles associated with temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. Massage can work both extra-orally, and intra-orally (inside and outside the mouth), to greatly reduce pain in the jaw, and even resolve it completely. A recent study showed that massage therapy was effective for pain in the masseter muscle (the muscle used for chewing). Massage treats the muscles of the jaw and neck, and also reduces stress which can be a contributing factor in TMJ dysfunction.

Massage Therapy and Whiplash

Massage is an effective treatment for those suffering from whiplash in both the acute and chronic stages of recovery. After the impact of an auto accident, whiplash can cause pain and restricted movement of the head, neck, and even arms. Your peripheral nerves are highly sensitive and massage can help to sedate this agitated nervous system response. Massage during all stages of recovery is very effective in decreasing pain and swelling. Results can be noticed as early as the first treatment.

Massage Therapy and Low Back Pain

Many people suffer from low back pain which frequently arises from lifting heavy objects, sports injuries, or frequent and prolonged sitting. A Cochrane Collaboration study found that massage is likely to be effective for sub-acute and chronic low back pain. It was all the more effective if combined with exercise and patient education (advice on lifting, stretching and posture). The beneficial effects of massage seemed to be evident even a year after treatment.

Other Natural Treatments for TMJ, Whiplash & Low Back Pain

Acupuncture:  Acupuncture provides safe, effective pain relief instead of or along with conventional pain medications.  

Herbal Medicine:  Herbs can be used to reduce inflammation and pain and speed healing. 

Nutrition:  Certain foods act as natural anti-inflammatories, while others are natural muscle relaxants.  Proper diet can promote healing and reduce pain.

Chiropractic Care: Optimizing the health of the nervous system through properly aligning the neck can help with whiplash recovery.  Chiropractic maneuvers can be used to release the tension in the jaw that contributes to TMJ.  Research has proven chiropractic to be a safe and effective treatment for low back pain.  Because it addresses the root cause of low back pain, it can offer long term relief.